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Nov '13

Quinoa salad

With busy lives, many of us look for options to save us time. The time is equally or sometimes more important than the money that we save. Looking at this, we are getting away from cooking for ourselves and our families. The number of homemakers in the economy is reducing. I think this is the primary reason that many known food brands also make salads which are ready to eat and I have seen queues, outside supermarkets, of people who like to keep it simple and rather than carrying out the whole fuss of cooking, simply lift a salad off the shelf and eat it during lunchtime.

These salad eaters however unfortunately since they are not cooking these salads themselves are not really knowledgeable about the ingredients which are what make these salads good for our health. One of the most common forms of salad is the quinoa salad, especially if you go looking in a vegetarians section. Since quinoa is not found in chunks and is often like a dressing, it can be an ingredient difficult to spot by the usual eye, especially by the people who just like to gobble up their food rather than relish it.

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Oct '13

Peacock costume

From accessories to whole costumes, the fashion world has drawn a lot of inspiration from the beautiful creation of nature, namely, the peacock. This is one beauty created by the nature which has everyone looking over their shoulder long after they have moved on. There is a certain charm and attractiveness in the colors and a certain grace to the peacock which we seem to admire and are wiling to take on as a part of ourselves in whichever manner possible.

If in today’s world, you can find a teenage girl who is a fashion buff yet does not own anything that has been inspired from a peacock; you would have met a rare person. I personally own a hair band, a few hair clips and multiple set of earrings which I totally adore. The best thing is that these accessories match so perfectly well with both the modern and ethnic wear.

This fashion obsession that I have had me looking for more ways to make these beautiful colors a part of my wardrobe. So when this year around, in the start of October, when all my friends started deciding upon their Halloween costumes, I was quick to call shot gun on the peacock costume.

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Sep '13

Chest tattoos

Getting a tattoo is many times an emotional decision for us and we tend to feel very passionately about the tattoos that we are willing to place permanently on our body. These can be memories of past time or related to the people we love or loved. Such an emotional connection is often completely and truly captured by a tattoo that is physically located close to one’s heart. The position of the tattoo in itself conveys the significance of the tattoo in one’s life. The inspiration can also lie in keeping with the current as this is the newest fashion that everybody is vouching for.

Chest tattoos are in fact available in a great variety that you can choose from, depending on your personality and taste in tattoos. Whether you want to opt for regular ink, a colored one of even a white ink – there are many elegant designs available that can suitably adorn your chest permanently. Every tale that you have heard about the process of getting a tattoo is chest being very painful is probably true. So, before you go for it, chose the design including the intricacy of the design and the spread over your chest very carefully.

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Sep '13

Homemade pregnancy test

A conception is a major turn in a woman’s life. So, whether a planned one or a surprise one, a conception stays a mystery unless you confirm your pregnancy. Many times it so happens that in case of an unplanned pregnancy, you are not very comfortable with dealing with the whole situation when others are involved in the situation. You feel that if you could deal with it at home so that you could mentally prepare yourself before sharing it with others, it will be a better way of handling it. For such a point in your life, you would be inclined to look at a homemade pregnancy test that is equally good as the options that are available over the counter at medical drug stores or pharmacies.

The safety of your health is also a major concern in this scenario. Most of the homemade test options are based on the fact that the ingredients of a pregnancy kit available in a drug store can be found in some substances which you are safely using for other purposes at your home. So, look through your kitchen and spot the substances required and make a kit for yourself rather than having to buy one.

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Sep '13

Minnie Mouse party ideas

Minnie mouse is the common thread that binds generations and puts a smile on everyone’s face with the cute little smile of her own. The beloved and immensely popular cartoon character is a sweetheart of all the kids across the cultures throughout the world. It will not be an aggregation to call Minnie mouse the perfect ice breaker if you are trying to connect to child within someone. A party for your toddler can be like a trip to your own childhood and what better bond can you share with your kid than a party based on Minnie mouse theme.

Minnie Mouse party ideas have spurned a whole industry that offers inexhaustible options that you can take your pick from to host just the right kind of fun your toddler and his or her friends. All the fun comes in Minnie size and the accessories that you can dress your toddler up with are endless. You can design games around Minnie Mouse’s home that you can set up for all the guests as a fun house at the party. You can print your invites with a hint of Minnie so that all the guests understand the code and the party becomes a ‘the more the merrier’ affair for all Minnie mouse admirers.

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Sep '13

Electric fireplace heater

There are two types of discounts – trade discounts and sales discounts.
However, no matter what kind of discount a supplier may want to impose on a product, we should always be careful.

Discounts are like our birthdays when we come in a department store and see that all products are on sale – it’s just like Christmas on the month of June. However, as an avid shopper and frugal consumer, please take my advice that not all discounts are good. I am also attracted to electric fireplace heater system, gas stoves, curtains, compressed air systems or whatever items for homes marked down up to fifty percent. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself this question: Why would they put it on sale?

The reasons may be the following: damage, obsolete, last stock, imitation, inducement for customer or factory recall. If none of these answers suffice your question then it’s a good sale! But if it has answered at least one, try to reflect whether it really worth your money and risk at the same time. If I were you, if the item suffices all of the answers to that question, I would turn my back and walk away. Sometimes, risk is more costly than what you have saved up.

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Aug '13

Everything Has Its Value

Have you ever got yourself in a situation where your budget is tight and your unfinished kitchen cabinets sit idly on the floor waiting for the time your penny is enough to repair it?
Well, this is a prevalent situation for unprepared construction pursuer especially to those who have failed to compute the actual estimated cost the whole project might incur. However, here is the good news for you – someone is buying unfinished cabinets.

You can sell your cabinets online – with a lower price than the original and branded ones, of course – to homeowners who are in search of scrap materials or furniture they may work on to make brand new. You will be surprised of how many online seekers are willing to bid for your cabinets. Also, you can have it in a garage sale together with your unused hardware and scraps so you can get enough money to continue your home project little by little yet – this time – with the least cost.

There are more to our lives that could lead us to solutions than problem. We just need to have our eyes wide open to really see the opportunities and fortunate chances which you cannot afford not to take.

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Aug '13

Exhaust tips

Car lovers’ common craft is to accessorize their cars and add some parts in order to enhance a vehicle’s appearance. To intensity its appeal and visual attractiveness, exhaust tips are extra parts to be added on the exhaust system. It is comparably easy to install this set of tips. You can even do it by yourself and it will only take minutes of your busy time.

In choosing the right set of tips, one has to take into consideration the vehicle’s style and year model. Modernized model car needs a carbon fiber set of tips while a round, dual-outlet chrome tip will be suitable to classic cars. Furthermore, whatever model of cars you have, there is an extensive range of available tips for you. Tips may vary in shape, length, diameter, style and design but never neglect to consider which is best suited to your car’s exhaust system. You can buy this either on your reliable local store or may opt to purchase this online. There are many eCommerce websites selling the finest tips that will surely suffice your desires.

This tip is significant to your cars because it will serve as a passage of the exhaust gas from the exhaust system to the muffler. Various sounds may come out from this exiting exhaust. A helicon sound like noise can be generated from a shorter and larger tip while noise that sounds more like a trumpet is created by longer and smaller tube tips.

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Jul '13

Window Well Covers

In old times the well was a very important location of a house. Because we need water to survive household members usually did two or three trips to and from the well to fetch water. There is also the famous nursery rhyme of Jack and Jill who went up the hill to fetch water. Though in modern homes due to the increasing use of technology we have almost forgotten the use of wells.
But still it is found occasionally in many homes. As it is actually a big gap or hole if we cover it, it will both look good and remain protected. That is why window well covers are becoming famous day by day. They come in various colors and designs to suit your choice or design. In today’s world window wells are used sometimes as an emergency exit or entrance. Regarding this nowadays homemakers are bound to cover the window wells by law.
There are several styles of covers available in the market. There is the regular wooden cover, plastic covers and steel covers. All the models ensure protection and can be easily installed. There is another type of covers which are becoming famous which is the Plexiglas cover. It is clear and quite strong in build.

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Jul '13

Jobs for 14 year olds

It is sometimes hard for a teenager to find a job. But there are quite a lot of available jobs for 14 year olds as well as for older ones. For a 14 year old to find work he or she first needs to verify with his or hers local state laws whether he or she is allowed to work or not. If the state law is favorable they then issue a certificate usually known as an age or employment certificate. With this certificate he or she can show the employer that he or she is allowed to work.
Although teens can work they have to maintain some regulations. The regulations usually come in the form of time constraints and specific work area exclusions. This time regulation is also different in different states. The teens can ask about work areas or regulations to his or her school counselor. They can advise the teens regarding where they can find work or about the regulations or about the necessary paperwork to be done. To finally obtain the working papers the teen is required to bring a guardian who will sign some other paper and these papers are kept with the school’s records of the student.

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Jul '13

Lined Jeans

Dress down Friday is my favorite day in a week; it feels like both freedom and opportunity served only for a whole day dress code in the office, and I know that I’m not the only one right about this.

An office should always be a place of formality and sophistication. The outfit is one of a handful of denotation how to look like a professional in order to gain respect from clients, suppliers and other co-workers. However, when it is a time to dress yourself by your wardrobe choice, how could you maintain such an impression?

Worry not, even simple flannel lined jeans can do the magic. The trick is in your hands. Any jeans or skirt will look elegant as long you’d keep everyone’s attention on your tops. This, though difficult, could make you match up outfits you have never known possible before. Just keep a stiff jacket, long sleeves shirt, or an executive coat with you then you are good to survive the day.

Make sure, however, that these outfits for Fridays are flexible enough to be brought on a party right after work. You may never know who has the hip and chick mood to have fun. After all, it’s Friday people!

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Jun '13

Blazing With Safety

Planning for a bonfire, romantic dinner setting or just a simple barbeque gathering?

Whatever the plan is, a fire in the middle of the occasion is a tradition. Propane fire pit is a popular outdoor structure being fired up by propane to create powerful flames. This is best when you are busy with everything to be sorted out and you do not want to be bother by your fire outside the yard. However, beautiful it may seem, this type of fire pits are hazardous. Better observe the following precautionary measures before getting the party started:

Find a safe and comfortable assembling place.
Clear the flammables or fire prone materials around the fire pit.
Double check the pipes and burners.
Propane means propane alone – do not add another type of fuel like gas, kerosene or even paper!
Secure your lighter fluids.
Keep your fire extinguisher close.

Accidents and technical problems are the party poopers you want to avoid. Remember that the most beautiful attraction has the most jeopardizing deadly smile. Buckle up before you fly. Carefully set up your fire pits religiously. You may never know when you will hit the newspaper headline and I bet, you would not like to be seen with a burning head on its front page.

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Jun '13


Propane heaters are outdoor heaters that use pressurized gas. They’re normally portable and used for events such as picnics, barbeques, sports events, etc. People use these heaters on the go or in poorly insulated buildings, such as warehouses or guard shacks. They’re known for being high-powered, effective, and incredibly energy efficient.

Propane heaters are generally available at home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Tractor Supply. They can also be located at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and EBay. People with permanent outdoor jobs also find use for these heaters. Security guards who have to spend all night in their car or a guard shed during the winter months prefer the use of portable heaters.

The price of the heater normally depends on the style and the amount of BTU’s (British thermal units). For a 9000 BTU heater, you’d be spending about $80. For an 18,000 BTU, you can expect to spend about $139.

There are several different brands of these types of heaters. Just a few worth mentioning are Mr. Heater, Heatstar, Mi-T-M, and Munters. You’re more likely to find a better selection and better pricing online for these heaters as opposed to searching in a walk-in home improvement store.

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