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Sep '13

Homemade pregnancy test

A conception is a major turn in a woman’s life. So, whether a planned one or a surprise one, a conception stays a mystery unless you confirm your pregnancy. Many times it so happens that in case of an unplanned pregnancy, you are not very comfortable with dealing with the whole situation when others are involved in the situation. You feel that if you could deal with it at home so that you could mentally prepare yourself before sharing it with others, it will be a better way of handling it. For such a point in your life, you would be inclined to look at a homemade pregnancy test that is equally good as the options that are available over the counter at medical drug stores or pharmacies.

The safety of your health is also a major concern in this scenario. Most of the homemade test options are based on the fact that the ingredients of a pregnancy kit available in a drug store can be found in some substances which you are safely using for other purposes at your home. So, look through your kitchen and spot the substances required and make a kit for yourself rather than having to buy one.

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