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Sep '13

Electric fireplace heater

There are two types of discounts – trade discounts and sales discounts.
However, no matter what kind of discount a supplier may want to impose on a product, we should always be careful.

Discounts are like our birthdays when we come in a department store and see that all products are on sale – it’s just like Christmas on the month of June. However, as an avid shopper and frugal consumer, please take my advice that not all discounts are good. I am also attracted to electric fireplace heater system, gas stoves, curtains, compressed air systems or whatever items for homes marked down up to fifty percent. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself this question: Why would they put it on sale?

The reasons may be the following: damage, obsolete, last stock, imitation, inducement for customer or factory recall. If none of these answers suffice your question then it’s a good sale! But if it has answered at least one, try to reflect whether it really worth your money and risk at the same time. If I were you, if the item suffices all of the answers to that question, I would turn my back and walk away. Sometimes, risk is more costly than what you have saved up.

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