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Oct '13

Peacock costume

From accessories to whole costumes, the fashion world has drawn a lot of inspiration from the beautiful creation of nature, namely, the peacock. This is one beauty created by the nature which has everyone looking over their shoulder long after they have moved on. There is a certain charm and attractiveness in the colors and a certain grace to the peacock which we seem to admire and are wiling to take on as a part of ourselves in whichever manner possible.

If in today’s world, you can find a teenage girl who is a fashion buff yet does not own anything that has been inspired from a peacock; you would have met a rare person. I personally own a hair band, a few hair clips and multiple set of earrings which I totally adore. The best thing is that these accessories match so perfectly well with both the modern and ethnic wear.

This fashion obsession that I have had me looking for more ways to make these beautiful colors a part of my wardrobe. So when this year around, in the start of October, when all my friends started deciding upon their Halloween costumes, I was quick to call shot gun on the peacock costume.

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