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Archive for September, 2013

Sep '13

Chest tattoos

Getting a tattoo is many times an emotional decision for us and we tend to feel very passionately about the tattoos that we are willing to place permanently on our body. These can be memories of past time or related to the people we love or loved. Such an emotional connection is often completely and […]

Sep '13

Homemade pregnancy test

A conception is a major turn in a woman’s life. So, whether a planned one or a surprise one, a conception stays a mystery unless you confirm your pregnancy. Many times it so happens that in case of an unplanned pregnancy, you are not very comfortable with dealing with the whole situation when others are […]

Sep '13

Minnie Mouse party ideas

Minnie mouse is the common thread that binds generations and puts a smile on everyone’s face with the cute little smile of her own. The beloved and immensely popular cartoon character is a sweetheart of all the kids across the cultures throughout the world. It will not be an aggregation to call Minnie mouse the […]

Sep '13

Electric fireplace heater

There are two types of discounts – trade discounts and sales discounts. However, no matter what kind of discount a supplier may want to impose on a product, we should always be careful. Discounts are like our birthdays when we come in a department store and see that all products are on sale – it’s […]