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Nov '13

Quinoa salad

With busy lives, many of us look for options to save us time. The time is equally or sometimes more important than the money that we save. Looking at this, we are getting away from cooking for ourselves and our families. The number of homemakers in the economy is reducing. I think this is the primary reason that many known food brands also make salads which are ready to eat and I have seen queues, outside supermarkets, of people who like to keep it simple and rather than carrying out the whole fuss of cooking, simply lift a salad off the shelf and eat it during lunchtime.

These salad eaters however unfortunately since they are not cooking these salads themselves are not really knowledgeable about the ingredients which are what make these salads good for our health. One of the most common forms of salad is the quinoa salad, especially if you go looking in a vegetarians section. Since quinoa is not found in chunks and is often like a dressing, it can be an ingredient difficult to spot by the usual eye, especially by the people who just like to gobble up their food rather than relish it.

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