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Jul '13

Jobs for 14 year olds

It is sometimes hard for a teenager to find a job. But there are quite a lot of available jobs for 14 year olds as well as for older ones. For a 14 year old to find work he or she first needs to verify with his or hers local state laws whether he or she is allowed to work or not. If the state law is favorable they then issue a certificate usually known as an age or employment certificate. With this certificate he or she can show the employer that he or she is allowed to work.
Although teens can work they have to maintain some regulations. The regulations usually come in the form of time constraints and specific work area exclusions. This time regulation is also different in different states. The teens can ask about work areas or regulations to his or her school counselor. They can advise the teens regarding where they can find work or about the regulations or about the necessary paperwork to be done. To finally obtain the working papers the teen is required to bring a guardian who will sign some other paper and these papers are kept with the school’s records of the student.

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