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Jun '13

Blazing With Safety

Planning for a bonfire, romantic dinner setting or just a simple barbeque gathering?

Whatever the plan is, a fire in the middle of the occasion is a tradition. Propane fire pit is a popular outdoor structure being fired up by propane to create powerful flames. This is best when you are busy with everything to be sorted out and you do not want to be bother by your fire outside the yard. However, beautiful it may seem, this type of fire pits are hazardous. Better observe the following precautionary measures before getting the party started:

Find a safe and comfortable assembling place.
Clear the flammables or fire prone materials around the fire pit.
Double check the pipes and burners.
Propane means propane alone – do not add another type of fuel like gas, kerosene or even paper!
Secure your lighter fluids.
Keep your fire extinguisher close.

Accidents and technical problems are the party poopers you want to avoid. Remember that the most beautiful attraction has the most jeopardizing deadly smile. Buckle up before you fly. Carefully set up your fire pits religiously. You may never know when you will hit the newspaper headline and I bet, you would not like to be seen with a burning head on its front page.

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