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Oct '13

Peacock costume

From accessories to whole costumes, the fashion world has drawn a lot of inspiration from the beautiful creation of nature, namely, the peacock. This is one beauty created by the nature which has everyone looking over their shoulder long after they have moved on. There is a certain charm and attractiveness in the colors and […]

Sep '13

Chest tattoos

Getting a tattoo is many times an emotional decision for us and we tend to feel very passionately about the tattoos that we are willing to place permanently on our body. These can be memories of past time or related to the people we love or loved. Such an emotional connection is often completely and […]

Jul '13

Lined Jeans

Dress down Friday is my favorite day in a week; it feels like both freedom and opportunity served only for a whole day dress code in the office, and I know that I’m not the only one right about this. An office should always be a place of formality and sophistication. The outfit is one […]